Spring is on its way!

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 4:46 pm

I really need to try and keep up with this better. Most of the time when I think to write something is when I’m falling asleep and then by the morning I’ve either forgotten or I’m too busy with the animals to sit down and do it.

I’ll try to briefly go over some updates for those her are curious!

Last blog entry I wrote I mentioned that Pancake the cat hadn’t been neutered due to the vet’s policy of requiring vaccinations at the time of surgery. Luckily, soon after I made an appointment with another clinic and Pancake was neutered the next month. I haven’t noticed any changes in his personality and he’s just as awesome as ever. Sugar Tree and him still love to play and I hope that as Pancake matures he still retains some of his kitten-like attitude.

More recently, Trivia and Livia my two Mouflon ewes had their lambs within one week of each other. Both girls and both incredibly adorable. I really love these sheep! I’m waiting on Dasher now for the final lamb. I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant- at least I hope she’s pregnant or else I’m going to have to do something about her diet LOL. Dasher was probably bred by Octavian sometime in November, but without an actual… visual confirmation I can’t be 100% positive. Trivia and Livia were bred by an out-of-state Mouflon ram, so Octavian will have to get his chance next season. I’m really looking forward to Dasher’s possible lamb. Dasher has a wonderful personality and Octavian has fantastic genetics. I’m leaning toward bottle-raising her lamb, whether it’s an ewe or a ram.

Baby is doing really well, too. I haven’t seen him limp noticeably in about seven months. I remember a little over a year ago I really thought he could never recover. He’s doing so well. I just wish I knew medically or biologically what caused that to happen to him and perhaps even more mysteriously why it never happened to Nessie. I’ve started thinking about getting on him this Spring and seeing how he responds to that, but we’ll see how it goes.

The little Zebu bull that I got last fall and I haven’t gotten along yet. I had been taking it really slow, but I’ve seen almost no noticeable improvement. He was raised for the first six months of his life in a very large pasture with other Zebu and zero human interaction. I didn’t see this as a problem, because cattle are very intelligent and with no reason to be afraid of humans I did not expect the obstacles we’re having. It could be possible that he was traumatized before I got him, but I don’t think that I’ll ever know for sure. In any case, a friend of a friend put me in contact with someone that raises Zebu and other exotic cattle. He’s going to pick the little guy up and take him for a bit and see if he can tame him down for me. I may end up letting him keep him if he seems happier over there with other cattle, but we’ll see how it goes. I felt so bad for him alone, but having no desire to interact with me. At the very least at least he’ll get some socialization with his own kind for a couple months.

This Spring I plan to raise a variety of poultry and other birds. I haven’t had chickens in many years, since I moved and even a little before that. I didn’t raise them last Spring or the year before because I was too concerned about predator problems. Out of the three geese I did get, one was killed by a coyote (or a neighbor’s dog) and the two others I found a good home for while I prepared better for this Spring. Now I feel a lot more comfortable having my Anatolian Shepherd out there full-time and with my new fencing I’m finishing up. I know losses are still possible no matter what you do and that is the nature of raising animals (especially poultry!), but I feel much more confident and able to do my best to protect them now.

This has gotten very long! I think I’ll end it here and try to update more next week.

Happy Spring!

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