Winter is coming

Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 1:34 am

Brownie the Goose has found a fantastic home and I thank everyone for the overwhelming response. I am going to miss her dearly, but I know this is the right decision. She’s going to a home with plenty of feathered friends. Geese are social animals and should never be kept alone and I couldn’t bring anymore geesy friends here until I’m at least somewhat confident that the coyotes will stay away.

Also, a big thank you for all the suggestions on where and what breed of Livestock Guardian Dog to bring to the farm. My search is ongoing and hopefully won’t be delayed. A good guardian dog should be brought home young and given time to bond with the livestock that he or she will protect, but they cannot be expected to fulfill their duties as puppies. Which basically means, the sooner I can find a quality working dog the better, because even after I bring my puppy home I’m at least six months out from having a responsible mature guardian. In the mean time, Misky is still an excellent deterrent and her judgement on where and what to bark at is fantastic! I feel relieved to know I have such a wonderful mother-dog to teach a puppy sound manners.

What else? I know I had so much to stay and now I’ve forgotten almost everything!

I’ve been asked how my little bull is doing and I think he’s settling in nicely. The reason I haven’t posted another video update for him is because I’m working on somewhat of a larger project with him and we haven’t progressed enough to complete the video just yet. When I got him, he had never been touched by humans at all except to be loaded into the trailer and delivered here. When I think of it like that we’ve made amazing progress so far, but amazing progress only means I can sit quietly with some hay and very carefully touch the top of his forehead. That’s okay though, there’s no rush. Soon I’ll clip his lead rope on and try some pressure and release with him. I know he’s not going to like that though!

It’s getting chilly out here now and I think Edie and Dasher finally realize what they were growing that thick wooly coat for. I’m pretty excited to see what they’re going to look like when it’s clipped come spring though. I think Edie will disappear into half her size! Nessie and Baby have their winter coats coming in too, but I feel like they were a little behind this year. I don’t blame them though. It went from being 90 degrees one day to 60 the next with 30 degree nights.

Meanwhile, Sugar Tree and Pancake continue to be utterly adorable…

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