Baby’s blood results

Posted on Saturday, December 31st, 2011 at 7:01 pm

I got Baby’s blood results back and his Vitamin E levels have returned to normal! This is fantastic news. I was very concerned that there was something else going on that was not allowing Baby to absorb Vitamin E properly, but the treatment has proven successful. His Selenium levels are also still in normal range, so that seems to be properly consistent. Finally, the trace mineral panel also came back normal. Thankfully Baby doesn’t have copper deficiency or toxicity as feared by someone I had consulted with.

Baby’s mood and appetite seem to be regularly improving. There’s been no sudden or dramatic changes, but I believe he’s on the up ramp to getting better.

Have a happy New Year

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2 Responses to “Baby’s blood results”

  1. David Savage says:

    Yay Baby! Great news for the New Year!

    I still watch the video of you and Nessie running at least once a day, and it still makes me happy and laugh every time I watch it. I love hearing the cloppity clop of Nessie’s feet and her soft voice twice at the end saying she loves you.

    Best wishes for 2012 to you and all the animals!

  2. camelsandfriends says:

    Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful new year.