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As April is drawing to an end…

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I try to write a blog entry every month to keep those that are more curious about the story behind the videos and what’s happening at the farm. I have so much going on right now, but things are about to settle down. Aside from my search for a friend for Sniper, after Mormor’s passing- I think it’s about ready to bring in a new animal. My intention being to have a variety of unique animals that will prepare to be open to the public as a petting zoo.

For those that are unaware, Mormor the ostrich passed away due to a genetic defect that was formed in her egg. I was sold her like this, unknowingly. Once it became apparently, I could only hope she can live. I miss her very much and look back on her fondly. I am just glad to have prepared her with a happy 7 months of life, as she would have most certainly been slaughtered or ‘culled’ immediately as her neck began to turn crooked.

I’m debating starting a small fund raiser to help pay for the cost of getting Sniper a companion. I am working on communicating with the rancher that sold the birds to me in the first place, to get an estimate on how much he would charge to bring home a more mature bird that is around Sniper’s age. Otherwise Sniper will be without a friend all year long, as the chicks begin to develop and cannot be placed with her. Finding a yearling female from last year’s hatch is deal, but will require the expense of the bird as well as hauling. I know there are a lot of caring people out there that miss Mormor and would love to see him paired up with a like-kind.

Even with a few dollar donation spread out among money, I think we could easily reach the goal and get Sniper a ‘girlfriend’ around the same age as him. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in contributing to. I imagine the cost with transportation may be around $500- which would only take 100 people donating $5 bucks to the fund. It’s just a thought though and I find to find out how much he would want for the bird. Strangely enough, he seemed unaware of what sex the yearling was. I am almost positive Sniper is a boy. In case you missed it, he is displaying alternate wing flapping as seen in male ostriches and in general has become more aggressive. He needs his own mate to take care of. Fig and Kabul will be given their own message after Sniper has his mate, but for now they are softening the blow due to Mormor’s loss.

Here’s some proof that Sniper is indeed a male:

Therefore we’d have to make sure to get him a female. If the breeder really can’t tell, a DNA test would be in order before even trying to move her here.


I have a contest on-going. After Dasher had her twins and Trivia had her beautiful Purebred Mouflon- none of the other ewes have lambed! I thought it might be fun to find you guys a really cool prize and offer it to the person who guesses the correct date the next lamb will be born. I love running these contests, as just a general thank you for watching. In fact, as soon as this one is over, I’m going to start another one. Both prizes are hand-made beautifully intricate wool camels. The 2nd contest will begin just as the first one ends. If you have not yet entered, you can do so here:

Thank you again to for donating him.


Dasher’s twins 50% wild Mouflon lambs are sold. Trivia’s young Mouflon ewe, I am keeping. I have no lambs currently available, but do expect two more hybrids and than that is it for the year. The lambs have been in such high demand here, I regret not purchasing more high quality ewes to breed Octavian to to meet the demand. I am very picky about my sheep, but hope I can find some more this Spring and Summer, so that I can have have new fresh blood to spread around Arizona, which is desperately lacking in any diversity.

He turned out beautifully. He’s going to make his new owners very happy.


I promised in March that by the end of it I would have high quality prints for sale, with all the proceeds going back into the animals. I ordered a variety of different 8×10s, trying to decide which is the best quality and also had to figure out the best way to get them for you, while being able to use as much proceeds as possible toward the animals. Unless, I get very very busy- I think I should be able to have them available the last week of April or first week of May. They’ll be found for sale at

As always you can directly donate through my Amazon Wish List. You can find more information about that here:


Recently, I was on the Animal Planet show, “My Preposterous Pets.” It aired early in April in the UK and will be begin to air Worldwide in May. I don’t think a US date has been released, but keep an update. I haven’t seen seen the show myself! All I know is they spent 18 hours here filming me with the camels, so it should be very interesting. I’m sure the ostriches and emus also make an appearance! I have also been invited to due a reality tv show based on my life, but I declined. It just didn’t feel right and not really about the animals. The money was tempting, but I’d rather not take the education out of what I’m doing.


Nessie and Baby are doing very well. Nessie is finally reaching her full adult size and is maturing out nicely. I hope I can get her bred- I really do. Not just because of the fun it would be to raise a baby camel, but because she really has some fantastic genetics to pass on. Just look at her:

I get a lot of emails about the camels. I mean A LOT. I spend at least an hour a day just answering emails. It makes me feel wonderful to know I’ve inspired so many to look into owning one for themselves and I love to answer your questions. I may do a video show answering some of the main questions I receive. For those interesting in owning their very own camel, watch the video below. I made it some time ago, but everything still applies and it will get you on the right track.

Don’t put this off from emailing me though. I would love to help you. If you ever have any questions, you can contact me through FB, but email to is better. If I do NOT email you back within a week- I am so sorry- please just send the email again. I can get swamped with questions and do not mean to ignore you, I simply am organized with my inbox and overlooked it.


Finally, Pancake and Sugar Tree are just as close as ever. It’s almost been a year since Misky and Blondi has passed- which I just can’t believe how much time goes by. I am considering adding a second dog to the household. I do have Chomby, as you probably know, but she is a 100% all about business. She won’t even step inside the house at all. You can’t even drag her in! She wants to be out with the sheep and watching them at all times, or she comes visibly distressed. She’s a wonderful dog and I love her very much, but it isn’t the same as owning a companion dog. Sugar Tree will be five years old in October, so I feel that this is the perfect time to get a puppy.


Recently, I visited an ostrich ranch on the way home from delivering one of Dasher’s lambs. I picked up 10 post cards for my subscribers and offered them to the first 10 people to reply and say they wanted one. Thank you- I have everyone’s address now and will be sending them to you on Tuesday most likely. If you weren’t able to get a post card this time, I’ll be doing many other give aways I’m sure.

You can see my trip here. If you love ostriches, don’t miss this one.


It’s been a mild temperature here right now, with a few hot days. With May right around the corner- it’s going to start getting hotter. Good thing all my animals just love the heat!

I think that’s about it. As always, thank you for watching my videos. Every time you watch, Google pays me a very small amount of money for the advertisement on the video (which must be watched). It’s literally pennies, but every little bit helps. So when you watch them, you are literally donating right back to the animals. Sharing with your friends, liking and leaving a comment also make my channel higher up in YouTube’s ranking system, so more people can find it. The bigger Camels & Friends can expand the more likely I’ll be able to be open to the public, so everyone can meet these fantastic animals in person.

I try my best to keep blogging, posting on FB, and putting out as many videos as possible, so that you stay in touch with the animals and really get to know them. It’s become more than a full time job, but it’s so rewarding. I hope one day you can visit them in person. Thank you all again for your support.


Now let’s get some of the lambs born! Keep your fingers cross!