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Winter, already?

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I was gone for a week attending The Friskies Cat Internet Video Awards (we won- twice!) and it seemed like in that short time span we went from summer straight into winter. Or at least what passes for winter here in Arizona. It’s chilly and windy. It even rained once the other day.

This kind of weather makes the animals especially active. It’s the start of the breeding season for the Mouflon sheep and the time that a male camel would come into rut if he wasn’t castrated. But I think sometimes that no one has told Baby that he is. Him and Nessie have been running around like lunatics, taking advantage of their energy to spare now that the hot sun isn’t beating down on them. Winter is fun to see the animals so active, but I’m looking forward to spring more than anything. Especially for the lambs that come with it.

Camels enjoying the cool weather…

Octavian and the sheep have been growing their thick coats in for winter and even Dasher who didn’t get the world’s best shearing job at the start of the summer is beginning to look huge and wooly. The camels too grow in a fairly thick coat (but not as thick as you see in other parts of the world), which they’ll finish shedding out again in mid-summer.

This November I’m planning to put up some new fencing for the sheep. The pasture that they were in is now occupied by my ostrich and emu chicks, which may be temporary depending upon if it’s suitable for full grown ostriches! I would like to cross-fence a section off and have the sheep take up a large portion of the property for grazing in the back, along with a bachelor pen for Octavian to have to himself when he isn’t working on entertaining the ladies. I would like to find another ram, too, because I don’t like the idea of Octavian being by himself for most of the year. In the wild, Mouflon sheep form bachelor herds when they aren’t in rut during the breeding season. I wish I could do the fencing work myself, but the ground is just too hard and rocky.

That’s about all for now!