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A very bad dog…

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Cantaloupe, the Italian Greyhound loves to steal things off my friend’s desk. You could walk out of the bedroom for a minute and something else would disappear. It didn’t matter what it was, she’d take it the second you shut the door. It’s almost like magic. It got me wondering how exactly she gets up there and how she chooses what she steals, so I decided to start filming! I left the camera on a tripod pointed at the desk and a week later these are my results of Cantaloupe’s exploits. All edited down to a 1 minute video. Enjoy this very naughty dog :)

Cantaloupe belongs to my housemate and is a 2 year old Italian Greyhound. She was rescued when she was a puppy from a bad situation. I’m very glad to say that she found a home with my friend and will have many long happy years of thievery in her future.

The lambs having fun

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A completion of Edie and Dasher’s thrilling sofa jumping escapades. Watch as they scale the couch with triumph becoming more and more daring which each death-defying leap. Marvel as they reach their breaking point, locking heads in an epic battle of will over a small blanket. Who will be victorious? I will just tell you. It was Edie. With an unprecedented coup de grace to Dasher’s back end.

So, like, basically, the lambs use the couch like a playground :) It is cute.

New web site

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If you regularly come to to read this blog you may have noticed a change tonight! I’ve been up late working on a new web site with more organized information about the gang, as well as a photo gallery and more. Now when you visit you’ll be directed to the main web site. To access the blog, you can click on it through the menu or read it directly at (which is my blanket URL).

The web site isn’t completely finished yet, but I couldn’t wait and uploaded it anyway. I still need to finish writing a few more bios on the animals and I’ve got lots more photos to add! I hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far and I look forward to updating it.

Behind the scenes

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Bad Dog

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Today a production crew for the Animal Planet show, “Bad Dog”, came out and filmed the camels for the day. They were here from 9:30am-7:30pm for a segment that will only be 5-8 minutes long- crazy! It was a unique experience, though totally exhausting. The focus was mainly on some of the behaviors Baby displayed when he was going through adolescence and before his castration. I think (and hopefully) they keep it pretty light-hearted, cause Baby is really a fantastically well-mannered camel.

I was so proud of him today. He behaved perfectly for the camera and was very patient with the constant re-shoots. Maybe one day Baby can be in a movie, because I think he would be fantastic! I’m probably partial though.

It will be exciting to see Baby on Animal Planet this fall and I’ll update everyone as soon as they know an airing date. My friend and I also shot some “behind the scenes” footage of the day and I’ll share some of that soon. For now, I didn’t realize I could be this tired. But I guess long hours in over 100 degree weather will do that to you.

Goodnight, internet.

For more of Baby, check out the camels playlist here:

Baby bird

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Edie the lamb meets a newly born baby bird and decides to try nibbling on his super soft downy feathers… I think the baby bird was more interested in Edie feeding her though and opened his mouth expectantly for food. I’m not quite sure Edie got the message though and the humans had to take over the task.

This baby bird was found and brought in to the vet clinic a friend of mine works at. They require an enormous amount of work to care for and feed, so good thing they did! Luckily, this little boy (or girl!) is a fledgling (has feathers) and has a pretty darn good chance of surviving now that he’s receiving proper care. My friend is a vet tech and both her and I have worked with a licensed wildlife rehabilitated for four years. Please, if you find a baby bird, seek experienced help or the baby may not survive. They may be unbearably cute, but it would be heart breaking to lose one. Which unfortunately does happen sometimes even with the best of care. I’ll post an update on this little guy, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure he grows up healthy and able to be returned to the wild.

Just a cute little video…

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The lambs are getting big. I was away from the house for much of the last two days and I didn’t really notice until tonight. Dasher has tripled in size since I got her the first week of April. It’s hard to imagine how big she’ll be as an adult.

Taking Care

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Just a little video showing a bit of how I take care of the animals every day.