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The loyalty of dogs

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I brought a cow skull home last week and left it sitting on a self. Sugar Tree immediately hated it and began trying to protect me from it. Today I hung the skull on the wall and the minute she walked into the living room and saw it had moved I think she became convinced it was, in fact, animated. I ended up having to put her in the bedroom with me, because she persisted relentlessly (over an hour and would have gone on).

Dobermans are a wonderful courageous breed and I truly believe she perceived the cow skull as a threat to my life and wasn’t about to give up. Notice how she comes and sits on me on the sofa at 1:30 to get in-between me and the zombie voodoo cow skull of death. :)

Bounce! :)

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My friend came to visit today and Nessie got excited and trampled a piece of carpet. The carpet was left behind by someone that used it to safely remove some of the cactus in their pasture. It’s now become a camel toy :)