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A return…

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After a long absence, I’ve decided to return to updating my blog about my camels and their animal friends. A lot has happened in the year or so and I’ve decided it was best to briefly summarize with a recap.

The good:

- Nessie turned 2 years old this May and she’s growing up to be a gorgeous little lady

- We moved! To a beautiful place in the hills just outside of Tucson.

- I’m in the planning stages of preparing to breed Nessie. It seems like only yesterday she was the little baby. It’s hard to imagine her having one.

- I adopted a young Borzoi who needed a home after his owner passed away (not so good).

The bad:

- Baby is having health problems. A persistent limp that cropped up several times while he was growing up has come back and it’s worse than ever. I think he may have injured his leg when the hauler that I had come out to move them to the new place was too rough with him. To make matters worse he’s also lost a considerable amount of weight since the move back in July. Needless to say, I am very worried. A vet who has camel experience is coming out this Tuesday and I hope the limp in his leg and the stress of moving are the only reasons he’s lost weight.

This blog will resume shortly. I plan on posting a lot of my favorite photos from over the last 5 years, as well as the usual updates on the camels and my other animals.