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Here’s a few photos of what it looks like when I do Nessie’s 5am feeding.
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Nessie comes tearing around a corner after letting her out of her pasture. She sure loves to run. Baby wasn’t like that at all even when he was a young bouncy lad. In fact, it was hard to get him to move at all. But not Nessie, she’ll use any excuse to run.
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Nessie and Kiwi find something good to eat. They were together constantly, until I finished Kiwi’s pen yesterday. They ate together, drank together, and slept together. I feel really bad separating them, but I just don’t think Kiwi is quite large enough yet to be running around on his own. I hope he grows fast so they can be pastured together soon.
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A close-up of Kiwi, mouthful of mesquite tree.

Happy 2 month birthday!

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Nessie turned 2 months old yesterday. I had a busy day and I didn’t get to spend too much time with her. I did ask her to put her halter on and she did so much better than she ever has. There wasn’t much complaining or trying to avoid it. I think she finally realized that putting the halter on means good things and not bad.
I’m so glad I got her. Her specifically. I’m glad another female camel wasn’t born before her. I’m glad I didn’t end up getting the girl for sale at the camel training clinic. She is so full of personality and I couldn’t imagine another one taking her place.


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On a walk yesterday just as a storm blew in.
She turns 2 months on Tuesday.

‘Round the clock again

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My mom left this afternoon back to Indiana and now I’m back to feeding Nessie roughly 8 times a day. It was nice to have a break from the rigidity of the schedule while she was visiting, but I definitely missed feeding her. The two late night feedings didn’t feel like quite enough and although Nessie and I are already bonded; I still felt slightly guilty for letting my mom help me out, even though I had surgery on Wednesday and have been very tired. Even under normal circumstances it can be exhausting feeding her, but there’s really something special about doing it mostly on my own. Though Nessie is starting to help me out by regularly refusing a feeding a day and sometimes two. I think I’ll take her for a walk tomorrow once it cools down.

First walk

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I took Nessie on her very first walk today. My mom is visiting from Indiana, so she got to come to.
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Photo by my mom
She was excellent. Sort of slow going out the gate, but once we got moving I think she really began to understand what was going on. She was definitely walking with me and responding to pressure as opposed to just following me and there happens to be a halter and lead on her. She had a habit of trying to walk ahead of me more than anything, so I’ve been holding my arms out and not allowing her to pass. I look like the wings of an airplane, so I say ‘airplane’ and she mostly falls back.
My mom and I walked her in a familiar square around the neighborhood. We passed barking dogs, a car, some surprise quails in a tree and a flat sheet of wood that Baby refuses to walk over. She had the same reaction, but we took our time and I finally got her to walk over it and then go back over it again.