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I’ve started walking Baby late at night. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and very dark. When I go out to the gate of his pasture to get him, he comes walking over, like he was expecting me the whole time. He helps me to put his halter on and away we go. Read the rest of this entry »


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Move over, Caturday. Baby is back on


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This is my little girl’s dad. His name is Rembrandt and he’s owned by Dr. Cathy Cranmore and Don Osborne.

Can’t you see the resemblance? :)

First photos of my baby girl

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There were taken just six hours after birth!

It takes on average an hour to two hours after birth for a baby camel to stand on her own for several minutes. One of my camel books has a whole list of motor skills and the minutes after birth they were first observed. I found it really interesting.

Here’s some of what’s included:

Chewing: 10 minutes
Grinding teeth and shaking head: 18 minutes
Shifting on ground: 74 minutes
Sucking: 100 minutes
Kicking: 156 minutes
Yawning: 160 minutes
Urinating: 185 minutes
Tail beating: 198 minutes
Rubbing neck against mother: 294 minutes
Body shaking: 304 minutes

The Camel: Its Evolution, Ecology, Behavior and Relationship to Man by Hilde Gauthier-Pilters and Anne Innis Dagg

It’s a girl!

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My baby girl was born early Thursday morning in Texas. I was sound asleep, but I would wake up hours later to the following message in my inbox:

We are having a baby. I’m walking around the house feeding baby coati, and looking out the kitchen windows. There is a camel with 2 feet and a head out the back.

And then, 20 minutes later:

It’s a GIRL

I was ecstatic. I had been waiting patiently since the end of April for a baby girl to be born and things were looking increasingly bad. Out of 5 pregnant camels, the first 3 were boys. I feel very lucky.