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Baby lamb

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Today, I spent a few hours at sheep farm learning all about them. It was at whim that I went, but I had always been curious what it was like to raise sheep. I’ve had goats before, but I knew that sheep were more different than one might think. There’s just something pleasing about a big fluffy sheep.

I wasn’t disappointed. Being around all the sheep was very relaxing, indeed. They were much more shy than goats, yet they still had a discernible inquisitive spark. There were many baby lambs suckling on their mothers and it was fun to watch them run around. Often they got confused or separated, but their mom always knew which lamb was her’s and would gently head-butt any imposter.

When it came time to choose a lamb of my own, it was difficult even keeping track of which was which. I think I made the right decision though, as the one I chose is now sleeping snugly on the chair next to me. Of course, she won’t be living in the house permanently, but she’s so young and vulnerable now that I’ve been keeping her with me and I confess that earlier I may have napped with her curled up asleep in my arms.

I’m putting a short video up I filmed after I brought her home. I introduced her to Miskatonic first, who has proven to be great with all animals, especially very young ones. She often whines at them, which I’ve found a little puzzling. I think she doesn’t know what to make of it, but she has a stellar maternal instinct. After all, Misky has never seen a lamb before. My favorite part in the video is when she slowly moves away after the lamb curls up along side her. I know Misky will be a great baby sitter when I’m away from the house.

I’ll be bottle raising this baby and so far it’s been confusing for her. From what I’ve learned it takes a few feedings for a baby to adjust to a synthetic nipple. I got some milk in her this afternoon and again this evening. She seems content and I think by tomorrow she’ll be hungry enough to put a better effort into figuring it out.

It’s likely that after she’s weaned, I’ll get her a friend. Sheep are, of course, herd animals and I don’t believe they should be kept solitary from their own species. Maybe after I learn more, she can even have a baby of her own, but that’s a long way off now.


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In Spring 2010, I took a trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. I’ve been meaning for sometime to put a short video together of my trip and I thought it might interest those who read my blog. There’s a lot of cool animals in it!

I spent one week in the jungle and it was a very amazing experience. One night, my cabin was even attacked by night monkeys, who threw sticks and whatever else they could find at the building, which was only covered by a thick netting. I was also blessed with a beautiful thunderstorm one evening, just after I had finished kayaking in the river. By the next night the trails were so washed out that walking in them sank me in mud down to my knees.

In the video you can see some of the animals I was able to film. Spider Monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, a blue and gold macaw, a blue morpheus butterly, some of the local dogs I met and more. I also saw caiman and capybaras, but didn’t take a video. You can find a picture of the caiman and a few other photos I took in the jungle here: Amazonia.

For anyone thinking about visiting one of our rainforests, I highly recommend it. It’s everything you could imagine and more.

Giving Nessie a cactus pad

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Camels are able to eat things we could scarcely think about touching! In this video, Nessie doesn’t even think twice about taking a prickly pear cactus from me and devouring it, thorns and all. It may look painful, but camels have a tough leather-like mouths protected farther with long raised grooves (think of a Koosh ball!) that are not easily penetrated by thorns. Pretty cool, huh? Camels are truly amazing beings.